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Jan. 14th, 2012 10:38 pm
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(Belated) Happy New Year to all of you! I'm here now with my first official post here on dreamwidth! *throws confetti*

How did I celebrate New Year?

Like the previous years (7 years to be exact), we checked-in again in one of condo-tels in Makati City. Around 8pm, we attended the New Year's Eve Mass in Greenbelt Chapel. After the mass, we (me and my brother) waited patiently for theMedia Noche (Midnight Meal). At 12mn, we watched the fireworks while jumping (because there's a belief that when the clock strikes 12mn you should jump for 15 minutes so that you'll get taller). Then, after the "fireworks display show", some of my kabarkadas went to our unit to visit me and of course, to celebrate new year with me.

Here are some photos:

Greenbelt's Christmas Decors

Our Media Noche

Meet my mom and my brother

The Drinking Session with my kabarkada

My Kabarkadas (BTW, we finished around 5 am XD)

And of course, our obligatory wacky pic

slept around 6 am already but before I hit the sack, I checked the view of the metro because i want to see the first sunrise of 2012. But this is what I saw... A HEAVY SMOG!

But even there was a heavy smog, it didn't fail me to see the first sunrise of 2012 :)


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